Gorgeous Half Up/Half Down Hairstyles From Your Favorite Celebrities

Emma Watson's Asymmetry

A powerful aspect part and framework at the roots allows keep this half-ponytail style looking red-carpet fresh.

Zooey Deschanel's Top Knot

Deschanel knows the power of a sophisticated top problems to get rid of up a go of heavy hair.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's Face-Framing Strands

Whether you're sporting a Bumpit or simply proposition the terrible out of your locks at your top, more quantity at the top of top of your go will make a sophisticated comparison with long streaming locks. Keep two face-framing tendrils out to accomplish this look.

Rachel Bilson's Pulled-Back Elegance

Take a website from the Historical beauty handbook: viewpoint the completes of the locks by the encounter, pin returning, and go.

Penelope Cruz's Side-Swept Bangs

While most individuals opt to keep their go of locks away from their temple for a half-updo, Cruz's side-bangs are a clean take on the design and elegance and design that helps her experience to top quality.

Margaret Kate Olsen's Elegant Bun

In which Margaret Kate creates increasing out a dye job look all the more recent with a curved and pinned bun plus reduce levels.

The company Chung's "It Girl" Lob

Trust The company Chung to keep it both easy and clean with a center aspect, pulled-back locks, and natural-looking surf.

Poppy Delevingne's Braided Half-Updo Style

Try double-sided fishtail braids when you're looking for a huge edgy half-up and half-down look.

Kiernan Shipka's Pinned Back again Flair

One of the most fashionable teenagers around has her locks activity down pat. Here, Shipka hooks the locks back toward the part of her go rather than taking it directly back.

Marion Cotillard's Swept-Back Style

Instead of separating locks down the center, try capturing all of the locks returning with a hair-clip and proposition at the origins.